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Astro Girl
A visitor from another world, with powers beyond that of mortals, fighting for love, truth, and justice.

Metro City, the City of the Future!

Metro City Banking & Finance
A foundation within the city, Metro City Bank is the most sucessful bank in the city. Offering a large variety of financial packages suited for all consumers, MCB is a true institution.

Metro City Book Exchange
This establishment hosts the city’s largest comic book and gaming enterprise. Managed by the pleasant Paul and clerked by then cantankerous Matt, the the MCBE’s success can largely be atributed to it’s colorful hosts and late-nite game offerings.

Sun Wukong’s Chinese Oddities
Serving as a front for Fei Hung’s meta-sapien rescue and recruitment, this humble looking tourist trap serves his needs quite well. Located in one of the most insuluar and poverty-striken locations of Metro City, Chinatown, Hung has taken great lengths to protect his proteges. He has enlisted twenty-four hour assistance from The Spirit, who uses her telepathic powers to redirect attention away from the shop. In the back he has devised a trapdoor that leads to an interdimensional portal (a trick he learned from his former companion Bagman) that can only be accessed by himself and those he allows access. Anyone opening the portal without his authorization will find only storage space for the oddities store.

Beyond the portal Fei Hung has created a headquarters in a remote, undisclosed location somewhere in the world. Consisting of three-stories underground, it has living quarters, command center, training rooms (designed with meta-sapien needs in mind), and various other necessities. The facility is neigh-impenetrable and tightly secured from outside invasion.

Technology in 2030

Where is the advancement of technology twenty years in the future?

Heroes of the Past

Following the events of 9-11 a new breed of American heroes rose – the metahumans. Members of the team Gen Tech – Lilu, Spider Monkey, The Spirit, and Bag Man – fought against terrorism and a rising tide of megalomaniacal super-villians. Twenty years ago public opinion turned on their so-called super-heroes, who were rounded up never to be heard from again.

Hero Archetypes

Not sure where to start when building your hero? Check out these heroic archetypes to help you build exactly the kind of super hero you want.

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